Thursday, January 14, 2010


The time has come to find a job! A real job. Not just a lesson or two a week along with baking a couple batches of brownies for Ulric. Both of those things are good for an extra couple bucks, but the fact is, I (we) need more, and I want to be busier. So, since I got back to Brussels after the holidays I have been on a quest for the right job for me. Here in Brussels. Those 2 things don't seem to converge very often here, so this is a challenging project!

Option 1:

Teaching English at a school or getting jobs through a company. At this point, teaching at a school is MUCH more tempting. It would mean regular hours, not having to register as an independent (which would mean having to pay for insurance, pension, etc. out of pocket and in advance). I have applied to a childrens' language school here in Brussels, and have an interview on Friday! That should be interesting, and could be really good for me!

Option 2:

US Gov't. There are a couple of openings there that really interest me, an events coordinator and the other is to handle logistics for visitors (to Brussels or Belgium, I'm not sure). Both require someone who is detail oriented (definitely me) and someone who wants to deal with people a lot, and all different kinds of people at that, which sounds awesome. Not to mention that they pay generously, and I could get in with the American community there! So I need to get the info on the positions and get cracking!

Option 3:

Internship at the Radisson Blu (hotel). I'm not sure if the position is even paid, and I wouldn't be able to start until July, which is definitely a downside. The internship would be for 4 months, with the expectation that I would be hired when it was over. I can't say that it's something that really interests me, but at this point I suppose I should keep all my options open.

I am also totally open to other things that come my way, or at least I'm trying to be. I'm not all that interested in getting in with any of the European institutions, lobby groups or consultancies, and unfortunately that makes up a lot of the jobs here. Still, though, I'm trying to think outside the box and do whatever I can. In the meantime, there will always be the brownie baking and a couple individual lessons.

In other job news, Miguel has something big coming up, but I hesitate to give details, just in case I jinx it. So... more on that later!