Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Sign from Above

Yesterday was the kind of day (with regard to weather) that makes you feel lucky to be alive. It was that perfect temperature, warm in the sun with a stiff cool breeze, and not a cloud to be seen. I decided to go for a walk in the royal park, bring a book, get some ice cream, make an outing out of it.

After a nice walk, I got an ice cream cone and sat down at the perfect empty table, partially in the sun, partially in the shade. I was concentrating on not letting the dripping ice cream get all over me and thinking to myself: "Today, I really like Brussels." No sooner had I finished that thought in my head... *SPLAT* A bird shit (or shat?) on my table, the splatter narrowly missing my purse. And I mean a big shit. That thing rocked the table!

I laughed, a little stunned, wondering if I should move (but where to? All of the other tables were taken) or if I should worry about getting a special delivery on my head or even in my purse. Is bird poop like lightening? Will it strike the same place twice?

I tried to maintain my calm, ice cream-in-the-park attitude, but all I could think about was what would I do if a bird pooped on my head, like, would I laugh or cry? Would I take the metro home or walk? And so, the mood was effectively ruined and I decided to head home.

So what do you think, was it a sign?


  1. Hihihi, you're so funny! This happened with me once, on my t-shirt, is not a good sensation but don't worry, is not a sign, there is just too much birds around Brussels. At least wasn't on your Ice Cream :)

  2. LOL! Very funny. Haha! When I was a kid a similar thing happend to me. I walked out of home and a bird shit right on the finger nail of my thumb. What are the odds! I screamed in disgust and anger, ran to my mom and said what happend. Now it makes me laugh thinking about it.

  3. I think it's either shat or shitted. Not that I'm an expert on matters of grammar.

    It's lucky if it lands on you, which leads me to conclude that it's even luckier if it just misses you.

  4. Hi Brody Jetson!

    I was just looking through a bunch of your blog posts, catching up on your life in Belgium. I miss you much! I will definitely be visiting Europe during the next school year and am thinking of a stop in Brussels? Anyway, I hope a good job turns up for you.

    Always & Forever,