Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Of Beards and Boats

It occurs to me that I never posted about my Thanksgiving back in the good old US of A! Of course the meal was delicious, my dad and I cooked up a storm and fun was had by all. I could go on more, but I think it might be better to let the few pictures I have speak for me.
Dad and I were co-chefs, in the past I had the title of sous-chef, but he said I graduated to executive chef this year... :)

The pies weren't the most beautiful things I've ever seen, but YUM. Pecan and caramel pumpkin... how can you go wrong?

The gigantic turkey on its rotisserie on the grill. THIS is the way to make tasty turkey!
Our awesome turkey-timer was in the shape of a turkey and it's legs stick up in the air when the turkey is done! (it also looks like the mini-turkey is saying toouuuuuuuuchhh dooowwwwwwnnnnn!!!) P.S. This turkey timer was later eaten by the mice that live in the snack drawer.
Dad with the done turkey, post pomegranate-black pepper glaze. Seriously. Best. Turkey. Ever.
After dinner things got a bit silly...
And it only continued from there. That's my brother, Jake.
He has kind of a hard time growing a beard, so Mom tried to help him out. I think he looks a little amish in this one.
See how much fun aluminum foil can be? Now it's ears!
Then of course Nana had to get in on the fun! As you can see, we all take Thanksgiving very seriously.
Finally, the foil turned into a boat for squash.
And here are the chefs the next day... still looking a little silly.

The end.

Mom has pointed out to me that she cooked too! (Though she couldn't remember what...)

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