Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today I did something fun...

I met up with my best friend from kindergarten here in Brussels!

I had searched for her on facebook a month or so ago, and added has as a friend (stalker that I am) and she added me back! And it turns out, that her mom lives in Brussels! Since she lives a country over, we decided to meet up the next time she was in town. So that was today!

I was a bit nervous as I waited for her (for all of 5 minutes) at the De Bruckere metro station, seeing as we hadn't seen each other for roughly 19 years. We walked over to an Exki (a sort of healthy fast food shop) and sat and talked for hours! The time passed so quickly, that she missed the train she had intended to take. So, with another half hour to kill, we went over to O'Reillys for another while and sat on the balcony overlooking the Bourse (this building).

So we are going to keep in touch, and hopefully hang out a lot more! And that is my news. The end!

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