Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reason to love Brussels (other than the chocolate)

Tonight I went out for drinks with a few friends to say goodbye before my big trip to the States. we were all talking and having a good time, when I looked around and realized what an interesting group we were (at least based on nationality). We had:

1 Irish/Spanish
1 Irish
1 Belgian
1 Jordanian
1 Polish and
1 American.

Yep, Brussels is pretty cool.


  1. I couldn't agree more. My wife had a party a few months ago and we had Belgians, English, Swiss, French, Romanian guests. A melting pot of wonderful people.

  2. Not really diverse is it?

    Mainly Europeans, one Middle Easterner and some Americans.

    No Africans or Latin Americans, Chinese or South Pacificers

  3. Maybe not in that particular group, but I live in the Matonge, which is basically ALL Africans (Mainly Congolese). There are also quite a few Chinese and Japanese people here too. So I would have to disagree, it is very diverse.