Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snow White came to Brussels

So, little tidbit (because I am procrastinating), Tomek, the Polish guy we were out with last night was talking about going to Germany. He actually didn't know where in Germay he was going, but he knew it was where Snow White was from. None of us had heard of this part of Germany, and were all kind of skeptical. Fast forward to today...

I decided to look it up, and apparently (according to Wikipedia) the story of Snow White has a ton of parallels with Margarete Van Weldeck (1533-1554) who was very attractive, had problems with her stepmother, grew up in Waldeck (a town in Germany) where children (known as dwarfs) worked in mines, etc. THEN, Margarete moved to Brussels! Where she attracted the romantic interest of several nobles, including Phillip II of Spain, who wanted to marry her, but she fell victim of a poisoning! (And died at the age of 21.)

So there you have it, the possible (probably) inspiration for the folk tale Snow White came to Brussels.

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